The Naval Center for Cost Analysis (NCCA) has released
Manpower cost Estimating Tool for Enhanced Online Reporting)

METEOR Replaces COMET as the manpower cost estimating tool for life-cycle cost (LCC) analysis of Navy and USMC military and civilian personnel.

METEOR is comprised of five life cycle manpower modeling tools: Ships, Aviation Squadrons, Navy Personnel, USMC Personnel, and Civilian Personnel.
Each tool leverages historical cost and manpower data from the VAMOSC databases and indirect costs from DoD instructions as well as Program Budget Information System (PBIS) to calculate life cycle costs and provide capabilities for their analysis.

The web-based METEOR Model is accessible to VAMOSC Users through their existing VAMOSC account without any additional software installations.

METEOR is available only to VAMOSC Users. Click Here to apply for a VAMOSC account.

For METEOR or COMET questions or concerns, please Contact Us